Central Public School Badarpur

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Well trained faculty has been provided who are imparting knowledge as well as training the students to be good citizens with social responsibility.


It is the temple of the school consisting of a wide variety of text books, reference books, magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers novels, books on travel, sports, scientific fiction etc. It also has a spacious reading room where students can sit and read their respective books of interest during library hour. The library can also be accessed by parents of children studying in the school provided they have library cards.


The school has Physics, Chemistry & Biology laboratories with a view to give students first hand experience about how the various experiments that they read in their textbooks are done in practice.

Computer lab:

Computer laboratory is well equipped with modern software & hardware and it can be accessed by students during and after their school hours. Various courses are taught by skilled Computer teachers as per the curriculum. Networking & internet facility will be provided as per need to avail different kinds of innovative & up to date information.


Well furnished classrooms are available equipped with audio-visual aids, constantly monitored by close circuit cameras.

Conference Hall:

A conference Hall with a capacity of around 100 is available within the Campus for holding different presentations of students, Parents-Teachers Meet etc.


A well equipped museum containing specimens of different flora & fauna will be established, in order to provide knowledge and exposure to students about animal & plant kingdom.

Smart Class:

The School has introduced Smart Classes (Audio-Visual system of teaching) with latest technology having updated CBSE Syllabus, universal contents and live examples for effective learning of student.